RICS Homebuyer’s Survey


This is a much more detailed inspection and report designed to give the purchaser useful information, in a user friendly format designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The report also includes a valuation.

Sample Report

    Important features of the Homebuyer Survey include:

  • Identification of significant and urgent repairs and maintenance.
  • Any essential further investigation
  • A list of matters with probable legal implications which legal advisors should include in their enquiries.
  • Useful advice on maintenance matters.
  • A clear and concise overview of market value marketability, particular features and overall condition of the property.

The inspection includes all reasonably accessible parts to the property both internally and externally (from ground level or from a 3 m ladder to accessible areas). The roof void will be entered (where practical and safe) to enable the surveyor to comment on the condition of the roof structure.

An overall impression of the services will be given (i.e. gas, electric, heating, plumbing) but these will not be tested.
Outbuildings such as garages will be commented upon but only in respect of serious or significant defects.
Comment is made on the site and boundaries, to include advice on any special risks such as large nearby trees.
This report is suitable for most properties but not those which are of unusual construction are very large or old.