Why have a survey?

Why have a Homebuyers Survey with Derbyshire Surveyors, UK

Homebuyers surveys are essentially worth their weight in gold. Our research shows that up to 70% of people who commission a survey before they buy, use the report as a bargaining tool to renegotiate the price saving anything up to £10,000.

In most cases, costly repairs are found to be necessary when people move to new homes. Some people know about them in advance by having a survey but others just rely on a basic mortgage valuation and do not take any professional advice at all. Damp and timber defects are some of the most significant problems found by our building surveyors when assessing the condition of the property. Other problems include:

  • roofing
  • joinery and
  • structural movement.

We are now finding that services such as electrics and heating systems are becoming some of the most costly items to bring up to current day standards. Having a home buyers survey acts as the biggest and best bargaining tool for ensuring that you pay the right price for the property you are buying. Whether you live in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire, simply contact our office to book a homebuyers survey.